Hitman Pro 64 Bit full version

Hitman Pro 3 is an acclaimed ransomware programme developed by Surf Right. Two stable versions were released in order to suit the needs of a large number of users who may be operating different Windows versions (32 and 64 bit). Below you will find an overview of the features offered by hitman pro 64 bit and 32 bit.


Hitman Pro 64 bit

The 64-bit version of Hitman Pro 3 incorporates all the useful features of the 32-bit version, but it has been specifically designed to be run on 64-bit platforms. Getting the programme started only requires a few clicks of the mouse, and no Internet connection is necessary. Just like the 32-bit version, Hitman Pro 64 bit draws on a fully comprehensive beahvioural study of more than 300,000 malware files. This allows the programme to be highly accurate when identifying malicious software. Following a scan, files are classified into safe, malicious, and unknown. The latter are further analysed using 5 different anti-virus programmes, and this ensures that scan results do not yield false positives.
This malware removal tool is compatible with Windows 7, windows 8, XP, Vista, and 2003. Hitman Pro 3 – 32 bit is available as a free 30-day trial. A full license costs $24.95.


Hitman Pro 32 bit

This Hitman Pro 3 version has been designed to run smoothly in 32-bit CPUs and operating systems, which are known to slow down considerably when running similar software programmes. Hitman Pro 32 bit is an effective malware removal application that can be used alongside anti-virus programmes, boosting their scanning efficiency, identifying hard-to-spot threats (such as trojans or rootkits), and working as a second opinion tool. Its operation does not require technical knowledge or expertise, as it relies on an intuitive interface.


One of the clear benefits of using Hitman Pro 3 – 32 bit is it can be used in computers where multiple security solutions have been installed without creating conflicts. This is possible since this malware removal tool can be operated without physical installation. Hitman Pro 3 – 32 bit can be started from external drives, such as a USB drive, a hard drive, or a CD. This fact also allows Hitman Pro 3 – 32 bit to scan infected computers very quickly, giving users two scanning options: quick scan and default scan. Computers that are not badly affected by malware can be scanned in under 5 minutes.

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