Hitman Pro Kickstart

Hitman Pro Kickstart is a ransomware removal product developed by Netherlands-based online security firm SurfRight. This software programme can also be used to remove all types of persistent malware infections that prevent users from booting their computer normally. Unlike cloud or desktop-based ransomware solutions, Hitman Pro Kickstart has been devised to be run from a bootable USB drive. This security solution runs alongside Hitman Pro (available in 32 and 64-bit versions).

Creating Hitman Pro USB Flashdrive

Hitman Pro ransomeware removal tool Kickstart how to

When a computer is affected by ransomware, users lose control over the boot sequence, and in most cases they are also prevented from accessing the desktop. When under this kind of attack, a computer can become effectively locked out. Trying to get a computer started will cause a message to pop up, which claims to have been sent by a governmental agency (such as the police, the Europol, or the FBI), and which requests that payment be made in order to restore the computer to its normal state. Because it is run from a USB flash drive, Hitman Pro Kickstart works by bypassing the infected master boot record and allowing the user to get straight into the desktop.

Hitman Pro Kickstart can be used to replace regular rescue CDs, but it has several added advantages. For example, unlike rescue CDs, Hitman Pro offers access to the Windows environment, therefore being able to quickly identify corrupted registry keys and files. This means that users can expect to have their ransomed PC fully scanned in 5 minutes or less. Moreover, Hitman Pro Kickstart uses the latest driver detection technology, so the ransomware removal sotfware will be effective even in old Windows environments. Last but not least, Hitman Pro Kickstart is able to create system restore points, so that users can revert to previous points in time should it be necessary.

Main features for Hitman Pro Kickstart

  • User-friendly interface, even for beginners or users with minimal technical knowledge
  • Users are guided through the removal process with step-by-step instructions
  • This programme is compatible with the following versions of Windows-based OS: XP / Vista / 2003 / 2008 / Windows 7
  • This programme uses seven anti-virus engines simultaneously for maximum effectiveness
  • User manual and support available in 3 languages (Dutch, German, and English)
  • Free to download
  • Thirty day trial version available
  • Download user manual
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