Hitmanpro Alert 3 Free internet security

Hitmanpro alert 3 is an antivirus and anti-malware program that offers you another scan and another opinion on the state of your computer/device. No malware scanner in the world is perfect; otherwise, the perfect one would be the only one on the market (think about it). Your computer is still prone to attack and may still have malware on it that your current protective software hasn’t identified.

The Complexities Of Malware Identification

Malware doesn’t arrive on your computer complete anymore because it is too easy to detect. Instead, small pieces of programs are placed on your computer, and existing software is altered. Malware is a little like a jigsaw puzzle where the last piece completes the software and compromises your systems. The other problem is that many safe programs also act in this way, which makes identifying good and bad software even more difficult. That is why you need a second and third opinion to have all your bases covered.

How Does Hitmanpro alert 3 take the next step?

It helps identify changes in your software, unneeded updates, malicious updates, and back door programs so that their jigsaw puzzle may never be completed. It helps identify the pieces of the malware puzzle that the other malware checkers have missed. The ways in which your device or computer may be penetrated and manipulated are so diverse, that it is unreasonable to expect simply one program to do it. Hitmanpro alert stops the threat before it starts. It removes and blocks the jigsaw pieces as they arrive to help put a stop to any security breaches on your system.

Sometimes Your Antivirus/Anti-malware Software Knows About Your Malware

There are times when your Antivirus/Anti-malware software is aware of a risky program or a piece of malware but doesn’t act on it because it may damage other systems. For example, run a Norton power eraser scan and it will tell you there are no unwanted apps on your computer. Then run a custom scan on your C drive, wait half an hour, and you are presented with a shopping list of apps that are posing a risk but that have not be removed or disabled.

Norton, like the rest, has to keep these files because they cannot prove they are malware, even though they pose a risk. Run a Hitman Pro scan, and you get a fresh shopping list of the risky programs that are on your machine so you may judge for yourself if you need to remove them. With Hitmanpro alert the spies will be sealed, the jigsaw pieces will be blocked and removed, and as a consequence, your identity will be secured.

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