Hitman Pro 64 Free

Hitman Pro 64 is a recently launched software package designed to identify and remove malware and spyware threats. In addition to being a malware and spyware removal tool, Hitman Pro can also be used to effectively detect and disable other types of malicious software, such as viruses, trojans, cookies, adware, and the notoriously difficult to detect rootkits.

This software package has been developed by Surfright B.V., an online security company based in The Netherlands known for its cutting-edge malware detection solutions. In fact, Hitman Pro has been chosen by governmental agencies like the FBI as their preferred online security solution.

Hitman pro antivirus scan

Unlike other similar programmes, Hitman Pro 64 Bit can carry out a full scan in a matter of minutes. Some users have reported full scan times of under 4 minutes (in clean devices), with repeat scans taking barely 1 minute. These record-breaking scanning times are possible thanks to Hitman Pro’s integrated technology, as the programme incorporates five different types of anti-virus technology (Bitdefender, G Data, Dr Web, Emsisoft, and Ikarus).

Hitman Pro 64 can be used in conjunction with other anti-virus programmes. Because the program is cloud-based and requires no physical installation, Hitman Pro does not overload the users computers. Once a scan is completed, Hitman Pro will display a comprehensive and highly detailed list of the threats found. Given the large amount of details provided, expert and advanced users will be able to take immediate action based on the information provided. Users who are not as knowledgeable can use the ‘recommended action’ feature listed next to each threat.

Hitman Pro is particularly efficient in computers that have been infected with ransomware, a malicious kind of software that takes over the device’s boot sequence and prevents users from booting the device and from accessing Windows. Launching Hitman Pro from a bootable USB bypasses ransomware and allows the programme to remove any offending software.

Hitman Pro offers free unlimited scans. Malware removal is a paid feature, although a 30-day trial version is available.

Hitman Pro 64: quick facts

  • Cloud-based anti-malware
  • Can be downloaded on devices operating the following Microsoft Windows versions: XP, Vista, 7, and 8
  • 32 and 64-bit versions available
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface / configuration
  • Hitman Pro free download available for a 30-day period
  • Three different scanning options (multi-scanning)
  • No false positives
  • Software available in 29 languages
  • Hitman pro download official website
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