Hitman pro vs Avast 5 reasons why Hitman Pro is better


Hitman Pro is one of the most unique antivirus products on the market today. In this article, we’ll discuss why that is, and compare it to Avast Antivirus 2015, or Avast Free Antivirus as it’s often known.

Hitman Pro is a “second opinion scanner”. This means that it features more “stopping power” than other antivirus software, like Avast. A second opinion scanner is designed to do its job after everything else has failed, from firewalls to other antivirus programs. This means that it is among the best in terms of finding and removing viruses, nothing more, nothing less.

because Hitman Pro focuses only on removing viruses, it can be run concurrently with other antivirus programs. Fundamentally, this means that beyond providing a superior antivirus to Avast Free Antivirus, the two can be used together, and Hitman Pro can pick up Avast’s virus-hunting slack. Two antivirus programs running on a computer normally slow it down or even come into conflict. Hitman Pro is near-silent, efficient, and only slows your machine down during its five-minute scans.

Hitman Pro’s Behavioural Scan provides it with the ability to find viruses that have never been found before, by assessing the behaviour of every file on your machine. If it looks like a virus, then Hitman Pro will scrutinize it until it determines whether or not it is a virus. Hitman Pro heuristic scans (or “signature scans”) as they’re sometimes called will usually suffice, but when they don’t, Behavioural Scan does its work.

Hitman Pro’s Scan Cloud uses the databases of five other antivirus vendors to assess malicious files, and it uploads this information to the cloud permanently – so that every user can use it, and viruses are found very early.

Hitman Pro is eminently affordable. Many of Avast’s premium features are locked behind security suites that rank around 30 pounds per year. Hitman Pro offers only two versions: its free version, with unlimited free scanning and 30 day malware removal, and its pro version, with every feature outlined here, at around 30 pounds for three years of coverage. Not only that, but Hitman Pro’s 30 day licence only activates when the scanner has found a threat; therefore, until Hitman Pro has found and destroyed its first virus on your machine, you pay nothing.


In summary, Hitman Pro’s security is among the absolute best in its class. It fills a niche that virtually no other antivirus does, and none with the same efficiency. It provides incredible value for the features it provides, and it does its work unobtrusively, without problems for the end user. These are advantages it holds over Avast Antivirus, and, in fact, over many other antivirus programs today.

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