Hitman pro vs Bitdefender 5 reasons why Hitman Pro is better

Here we take a look at the advantages that Hitman Pro has over Bitdefender. We see why Hitman Pro edges ahead in so many aspects of computer security.


Cloud based
With Hitman Pro there is no drawn out installation process, as it is cloud-based software. At the click of a mouse, this allows for a scan to be initiated instantly if any suspected manipulation or malfunction is detected. It can also refer to its Cloud database for more complicated procedures on how to disable malware that is harmful to the computer’s memory and other elements. In comparison, Bitdefender carries out these functions using the computer as its base, which means the latest up-to-date information is dependent on regular updates.


Very light software speed is guaranteed
The beauty of scanning in the Cloud is that you can carry on with whatever you’re working at. Hitman Pro can scan your files in less than five minutes. However, as Bitdefender is installed and operates from your computer system, it can seriously slow down functionality while it scans files. It uses the computer’s RAM, which causes the system to become sluggish while carrying out vital scanning. Hitman Pro’s Cloud based software is very light on system usage, that won’t cause the system to freeze up.


Thorow scan and compatability
Bitdefender has been known to miss some PUPs and malicious websites, whereas, Hitman Pro doesn’t miss a trick due to its forensic based scan. It computes various behaviours and patterns, and rates each threat with a severity score. Any malicious threats are dealt with automatically and all shortcuts and registry entries are eliminated from the computer’s system. It has also been reported that Bitdefender flags harmless files as potential threats. In reality this does no harm but it adds to the longer scan time.
It has been noted that Bitdefender is not as compatible with older software on a system. Unless the software on your computer is constantly updated, Bitdefender can struggle to work with it effectively. Hitman Pro eliminates this problem as suspect files are dealt with in the Cloud.


Customer support
There is the further issue of customer support complaints with Bitdefender. Inasmuch as there are various avenues of contact for Bitdefender, the quality of support appears to leave a lot to be desired. This hasn’t been the case with Hitman Pro.


As highlighted above, Hitman Pro comes out ahead with many advantages over Bitdefender. Its cloud-based instant access, allows for a more effective and accurate scan while letting the user continue on with work. Hitman Pro comes out on top when it comes to speed, system compatibility and end-user satisfaction.

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