Hitman Pro vs Malwarebytes

Recently I was asked by a supervisor at work for my opinion between two competing antivirus programs. I told her what I could think of, off the top of my head at the time. But, after some careful deliberation, I think I’ve narrowed down the why HitmanPro is better than Malwarebytes in five key points.


1. It Detects Malware

This may sound like a given, with what the software is meant to do. But, let me clarify. HitmanPro doesn’t just find malware by using a dated list of definitions provided at each update by the development team. Not, it’s been designed to detect malware behaviors. This, in itself, means an extra layer of security for new threats while Malwarebytes relies on a database of definitions.


2. It Has Many Databases

The previous entry doesn’t mean that HitmanPro doesn’t use definitions. It has those too, but more than just those of its own. Utilizing cloud storage, HitmanPro accesses the definitions files of other computer security databases, like Bitdefender and Kaspersky Lab. Where as other programs, like Malwarebytes, may be racing against time to include new definitions, HitmanPro already has a wide variety of sources to work from.

3. There’s a Whitelist

HitmanPro has another kind of definitions entry; a positive one. If a program is trusted across the board, or designated as trusted by the user, the antivirus scan won’t lag behind in covering it. This gives the option of a truly quick scan, typically five minutes in length. Whereas programs like Malwarebytes can be truly impractical in their run time.

4. It Heals

Malware is designed to stick around. To piggyback on necessary files whose removal would be disastrous. Luckily, for users of HitmanPro, there are antivirus developers who work with this in mind. Not only can HitmanPro remove malware like this safely, but it will also replace the operating system files damaged or removed in the process. Other antivirus programs can be left stalled or ineffective in these kinds of stand offs, where HitmanPro truly soars.

5. It Can Infiltrate

Malware can prevent proper antivirus installation. Which is why it’s so helpful that HitmanPro does not require installation. It can even be started from a USB Flash Drive, CD/DVD, or accessed network storage. While it might be too late for Malwarebyte to do anything about an already infected PC, HitmanPro is always an option.


At any stage of infection, or simple need for protection, HitmanPro is always the better choice. With a one time offered free license (valid for 30 days) offering more features than Malwarebytes stripped down non-premium version, it certainly doesn’t hurt to give greater security a try.

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