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Hitman Pro is a wildly successful antivirus program that is especially good at rootkit and malware cleaning. It is very fast and you are able to install it on malware infested devices. Here are five reasons why Hitman Pro is better than Spyhunter.

Hitman Pro Is Updated More Often

The team are constantly updating to ensure no new threats may remain or set up shop on your systems. It has extremely detailed information about the malware is it able to find, and the programmers are adding new malware programs and associated data on a regular basis.

Hitman Pro Is More Sophisticated

It is able to prevent and wipe out malware far more effectively than Spyhunter. Hitman Pro also has a KickStart module that helps you overcome malware that is holding your Windows installation for ransom. Hitman Pro isn’t free, but it is far less expensive than Spyhunter. You can gain a lot of information about Hitman Pro and the malware it finds, though this information is not usually of interest to average users that simply want their systems cleaned.

Spyhunter Shows More False Positives

The Spyhunter software has a habit of picking up false positives and numerous programmers, developers and code editors are often annoyed by the fact their work keeps disappearing. There are even reports from the online community of Spyhunter showing false positives for programs that have been successfully installed, trusted and rated by the online community, such as the games from GOG.com.

Hitman Pro Is Much Better Against Rootkits

It is a known fact that the Hitman Pro virus checker is far better than most other programs for cleaning up malware and root kits. It is one of the main reasons why so many people use it in conjunction with their real-time protection. Hitman Pro adds a layer of security that Spyhunter simply cannot compete with. The Spyhunter program cannot really compete in these terms, and even though Spyhunter offers real-time protection, it still cannot provide full coverage, which makes its real-time protection a moot point.

Hitman Pro Checks Suspicious Files Through Several AVs 

The Hitman Pro software is easy to install and is far faster than Spyhunter. It is very good at detecting infections, and is brilliant at clearing out resistant malware. The Hitman Pro software is also more trusted than Spyhunter by the online community, which is why it often receives higher ratings on independent review websites. It is an ideal second line of defense for business enterprises, professionals and personal users.


The Kickstart program elevates Hitman Pro above all other second lines of defense (i.e. programs that do not offer full coverage), and this is because it can bypass ransomware. It is also an industry leader when it comes to Rootkit and malware cleanup. It is particularly good at wiping out active malware, especially malware that is able to disable other antivirus programs.

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