We all want to find the best anti-virus software to make sure our computers are properly protected. If you’re considering opting for AVG, here are five reasons why you should choose Hitman Pro instead:

1. No Set Up Required

AVG requires set up and installation. Hitman Pro however is an on-demand scanner with no setup or installation required. Whilst AVG must be run from the hard-drive, Hitman Pro can be run directly from a CD/DVD, USB flash drive or network storage device. This makes Hitman Pro a much more convenient anti-malware solution.


2. Unique Kickstart Feature

AVG can only function if you’re still able to access your computer normally; malware that takes your computer hostage renders AVG totally useless. By contrast, Hitman Pro contains a unique feature called Kickstart that can turn any USB flash drive into a rescue solution. This means your anti-virus software is still effective, even when malware has completely taken over your computer.

3. Forensic Style Detection

Whereas AVG relies on signature-based detection, Hitman Pro can detect next generation and early life malware that does not possess a recognisable signature. Hitman Pro does this by gathering and analysing actionable intelligence. In addition, Hitman Pro looks for unethical behaviour within software and not just static malware-like characteristics.


4. Security in the Cloud

AVG relies solely upon the information in its own database. Hitman Pro on the other hand, through its “security in the cloud” infrastructure, always has much more information at its disposal. Hitman Pro is able to access the databases of other virus labs such as Kasperksy. Hitman Pro can also use its cloud infrastructure to find out how to decloak malware that is manipulating system elements.

5. Full Remediation

AVG can heal or sequester damaged files, but it cannot replace anything. Neither can AVG deal with malware that piggy-backs on crucial system files. Hitman Pro can replace infected Windows resources, as well as blocking attempts by the malware at reinfection until full remediation is complete.

Whilst AVG provides only a basic level of protection, Hitman Pro provides a much wider range of useful, advanced features to keep your computer safe. If what you want from your anti-virus software is ease of use, up-to date recognition, full remediation and protection independent of normal access you should make sure to choose Hitman Pro over AVG.

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